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Corporate Boardroom


Corporate / Operations 

At Athene Law, we understand the importance of establishing sound operations and safeguards to deliver the best health care possible for patients. The healthcare industry requires attorneys with a robust set of skills and experience to navigate the legal and practical labyrinth in which care is delivered. Providers must pay careful attention


Corporate and Operations areas that the attorneys at Athene Law handle include:


  • fraud and abuse

  • billing and reimbursement compliance

  • the bar on the corporate practice of medicine

  • scope of practice

  • quality assurance/peer review


Athene Law’s corporate and operations practice has helped clients set up small to large medical practices, establish and license health care facilities and clinics, execute corporate transactions (real property acquisitions, asset purchases, and other mergers and acquisitions), implement internal peer review and other quality assurance systems, develop, implement and monitor corporate compliance plans, and negotiate affiliation and joint venture agreements. We also can handle professional personnel matters, including internal investigations, peer review, licensing discipline, and physician employment or recruitment contracts. Whatever a provider practice or organization needs from an operational and structural standpoint, Athene Law attorneys can deliver expert and cost-efficient representation.

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